9h-9h30 Opening and Introduction (M. Couceiro)
9h30-10h30 Plenary talk – Dafna Shahaf

10h30-11h Coffee Break

11h-12h30 Contributed talks
Shrey Pandit, Gautam Shroff, Ashwin Srinivasan: Can LLMs solve generative visual analogies? No show!
-Stergos Afantenos: Some Preliminary Results on Analogies Between Sentences Using Contextual and Non-Contextual Embeddings
-Liyan Wang, Bartholomäus Wloka and Yves Lepage: A Framework for Neural Machine Translation by Fuzzy Analogies

12h45-14h Lunch

14h-15h Plenary Talk – Marie-Jeanne Lesot

15h-15h30 Coffee Break

15h30-17h30 Contributed talks
-Yves Lepage: Formulae for the solution of an analogical equation between Booleans using the Sheffer stroke (NAND) or the Pierce arrow (NOR)
(15h-15h30 Coffee Break)
-Ningyu Zhang, Lei Li, Xiang Chen, Xiaozhuan Liang and Shumin Deng: Multimodal Analogical Reasoning over Knowledge Graphs
-Fadi Badra, Esteban Marquer, Miguel Couceiro and Marie-Jeanne Lesot: Some Perspectives on Similarity Learning for Case-Based Reasoning and Analogical Transfer

17h30-18h: Closing discussions

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